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MiniMax 8085 Keypad and VFD


This project is the Keypad and VFD extension board for MiniMax 8085 computer.

Hardware Documentation

Design Files

Todo: Add schematic and PCB layout files

Design Description

The implementation of the VFD part is discussed on my Interfacing 8085 to VFD page.

Todo: Add information about the keypad implementation

Bill of Materials

Link to the project on Mouser.com - View and order all components except of the 74C923, and the PCB.
Link to the project on OSHPark.com - View and order the MiniMax 8085 Keypad PCB.

 Component Type Reference Description Quantity Possible Sources and Notes
 PCB  MiniMax 8085 Keypad PCB Version 1.0 1 Order from OSH Park