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Alarm Clock

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PCB Layout

Bill of Materials

 Component Type  Reference Description Quantity Possible Sources and Notes
 PCB  ATmega Alarm Clock PCB 1 Order from OSH Park or your favorite PCB manufacturer using attached Gerber files.
 Battery Holder BT1 Battery holder for CR2032 battery; Through Hole 1 Mouser 712-BAT-HLD-001-THM
 Battery BT1 CR2032 lithium battery 1 Mouser 658-CR2032, or buy locally
 Note: Due to shipping restrictions battery is not included in Mouser's project BOM.
 Capacitor C1 - C6 100 nF (0.1 uF) multilayer ceramic capacitor; 0603 SMT 6 Mouser 77-VJ0603Y104JXJPBC
 Capacitor C7, C8 47 pF multilayer ceramic capacitor; 0603 SMT 2 Mouser 77-VJ0603A470JXACBC
 Capacitor C9 10 uF, 10V multilayer ceramic capacitor, 0805 SMT 1 Mouser 77-VJ0805G106KXQTBC
 LED D1 Green LED, 0603 SMT 1 Mouser 78-VLMTG1300-GS08 or 78-VLMG1300-GS08
 LED D2 Blue LED, 0603 SMT 1 Mouser 78-VLMB1300-GS08
 LED D3 Yellow LED, 0603 SMT 1 Mouser 78-VLMY1300-GS08
 LED D4 Red LED, 0603 SMT 1 Mouser 78-VLMS1300-GS08
 Standoffs HOLE1 - HOLE 4 11 mm standoffs, 2.5 mm thread 4 Mouser 761-M1258-2545-AL
 Screws HOLE1 - HOLE 4 2.5 mm screw 8 Mouser 534-29301
 Connector P1 Mini USB Type B Socket, Through Hole 1 Mouser 710-651005136521
 Header P2 8x2 female connector; straight; 2.54 mm lead spacing 1 Mouser 517-929975-01-08-RK
 Header P3 4 pin connector, 2 mm pitch, Through Hole 1 Mouser 538-35362-0450
 Note: Optional, for connecting additional I2C devices
 Header P4 5x1 header; straight; 2.54 mm lead spacing 1 Mouser 855-M20-9990545
 Note: Optional, for connecting additional devices, solder on the back side of the board, or attach wires directly to the PCB.
 Header P5 3x2 header, straight; 2.54 mm lead spacing 1 Mouser 855-M20-9980345
 Note: Optional, used for ICSP
 Transistor Q1 PMBT2222A, SOT-23 SMT 1 Mouser 771-PMBT2222A235
 Resistor R1, R2 27 ohm resistor, 0603 SMT 2 Mouser 71-CRCW0603-27-E3
 Resistor R3 - R6 1 kohm resistor, 0603 SMT 4 Mouser 71-CRCW0603-1.0K-E3
 Resistor R7, R8 2.2 kohm resistor, 0603 SMT 2 Mouser 71-CRCW0603-2.2K-E3
 Resistor R9 10 kohm resistor, 0603 SMT 1 Mouser 71-CRCW0603-10K-E3
 Resistor R10 1 Mohm resistor, 0603 SMT 1 Mouser 71-CRCW06031M00FKEB
 Trimming Potentiometer RV1 10 kohm 1 Mouser 652-3362P-1-103LF
 Note: Used to adjust LCD module contrast and viewing angle. In some cases might be replaced with a jumper to VCC or GND
 Speaker SP1 9 mm piezoelectric transducer 1 Mouser 497-TP094003-1
 Tactile Switch SW1 - SW4 Tactile switch; 6 mm; right angle 4 Mouser 653-B3F-3150 (projected), 653-B3F-3100 (flat)
 Tactile Switch SW5 Tactile switch; 6 mm; straight 1 Mouser 653-B3F-1000
 Tactile Switch Key Top SW1, SW2 Round, Black 2 Mouser 653-B32-2010
 Tactile Switch Key Top SW3, SW4 D-type, Black 2 Mouser 653-B322110
 Integrated Circuit U1 Atmel ATmega328P Microcontroller, PDIP-28 1 Mouser 556-ATMEGA328P-PU
 Integrated Circuit U2 Maxim DS3231M RTC, SOIC-8 1 Mouser 700-DS3231MZ+
 Integrated Circuit U3 FTDI FT231XS USB to serial interface, SSOP-20 1 Mouser 895-FT231XS-R
 IC Socket U1 IC socket 28-pin 300 mil 1 Mouser 517-4828-3004-CP
 Quartz Crystal Resonator X1 16 MHz ceramic resonator with integrated load capacitors 1 Mouser 81-CSTCE16M0V53-R0

I made this project to learn more about programming with Arduino, and to get an alarm clock.
This is the schematic for the project:
Feb 23, 2015, 3:40 PM
Feb 23, 2015, 3:40 PM
Alarm - gerber.zip
Feb 23, 2015, 3:39 PM